Saturday, 26 February 2011

Caricature Movie Moment - 'Jaws' - WIP

I love films and I've been toying with various ideas of showing 'classic' movie moments and this is what I've finally come up with. This scene is from the movie Jaws just before the classic line "You're gonna need a bigger boat ... " and I've framed it to look like an actual movie cell duplicating the image to the right and left.

The main painting is not finished yet so this is a WIP but I'm really pleased with the concept and I think I may be painting a lot more of these in the future. My mind has now wandered over to other ideas such as classic sporting moments, classic tv moments and so on. I just wanted to do something a little different.

If you have any classic movie moment suggestions please let me know.


Neil Davies said...

Great idea Steve, I've been wanting to do a Jaws scene for ages but have yet to get around to it! Top job with this one :)

Steve Roberts said...

Thank you very much Neil, Jaws is definitely up there in my top 10 movies and it was always this particular scene that I wanted to paint.