Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gordon Brown

Not posted anything for a while seem to be so busy. My website is very nearly ready and should launch next week but to get into the mood for tomorrows local election I've gone all political and painted a caricature of the current PM - Gordon Brown.
May I just add what a great job he's doing (add sarcastic tone when you read that bit.)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Philip Glenister

A while back I did this caricature of Philip Glenister the star of 'Life on Mars' and 'Ashes to ashes' shown on the BBC here in the UK.His character in these shows - DCI Gene Hunt - is fantastic.Anyway,in a bid to get my work out and about I e-mailed his official website with a request to post my caricature (and maybe a link to my blog) on the website.

I got a reply on Sunday from Gareth the website editor who wrote "I have to say that your caricatures have gone down well! We at the website like them and Philip - approves of his ... I'll put it in the miscellaneous pics gallery with a link."

I am now proudly having the caricature displayed on Philip Glenisters official website ... fantastic.

I've put a link to Philips website - it contains various clips from the two shows I've mentioned for those of you who've never seen them.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

National Caricature Network (NCN)

Self portrait for NCN profile page

A little over a week ago I joined the National Caricature Network.I thought this really did seem to be something to be a part of.

It was the best thing that I could ever have done - within 2 days of joining I had seen and replied to an advertisement for a caricature artist at the 'Alton Towers' theme park here in the U.K. on closer inspection I noticed that the advert had been posted last year in time for this season and presumed it had now been filled.So I sent a email to the owner of the caricature consession (Mick Hollinworth) introducing myself and asking if a vacancy came up again would he consider me for the position.

Get this ... he only e mailed me back!!!

Although there is no vacancy at the moment he wants to use me as holiday cover etc(I live very near Alton Towers)and one of the artists that works on the consession had offered to come and see me.I spent yesterday afternoon chatting with Mike Carlon,a great guy and a great caricaturist, who showed me the style and approach for live caricatures.I now need to train my little socks off to get used to live style caricaturing and keep Mick and Mike updated.All being well this is the start point of my new career,I have a foot in the door and as long as I impress with my work hopefully, one day I will be working full seasons at Alton Towers as a live caricaturist.

All thanks to the NCN...Cheers guys!