Saturday, 12 March 2011

Celebrity caricature - Bob Dylan

A caricature of Robert Allen Zimmerman better known as Mr Bob Dylan. I wanted this caricature to be an actual painting not smooth perfect rendering just quick brush strokes, I'm quite pleased with the result.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Caricature Movie Moment - 'JAWS' - finished version.

'Slow ahead. I can go slow ahead. Come on down here and chum some of this s**t.'

This is the finished version of my first 'Caricature movie moment' from the amazing film 'Jaws'. I kept this really nice and loose, more cartoony than my usual work, I really wanted it to be a fun piece.

I also have a feeling that movie cells run up and down not side to side as I had it in the WIP version I posted last month.

There will definitely be more of these ... any suggestions?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Gift caricature example, something a little different ...

For a while I've been trying to come up of a way to get all of the elements that people ask for into a gift caricature and I've had an idea that I think really works. What I've come up with is a main focal caricature of the individual and then numerous images around the outside to signify the different points about them which I've done as photographs to show snapshots of their character and individual events.

I think the testimonial for this caricature tells me that I go this one right:

Testimonial -

'Steve, you’re a genius! :) Myself & my colleagues absolutely love it!-you've really captured J’s cheeky character! I gave you a tough brief & was wondering how you could squeeze in all the strange & varied elements – but the photographs are a nice bold way & don’t clutter things up too much.'

Gift caricature examples and testimonials

'Hi Steve, brilliant! Thank you; we are all really chuffed with it :)' - M.C.
'It is brilliant! He will love it.' - D.