Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A recent gift caricature commission

This is a recent gift caricature that I painted for 'Trevor' who was leaving his job. He worked at the local 6th Form College and the gift caricature was from the Psychology department. I really enjoyed doing this painting and had fun with some of the things/ideas that I was asked to include;'real bottles of whiskey, a tomato plant (the love of gardening) and a sarcastic, funny leaving message. I also put in a couple of little in-jokes crossing over the gardening with Psychology in the titles of the 2 books.

'Trevor' sketch

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A new portrait ...

Earlier this year I painted a portrait of David Tennant, purely as a practise piece, to get me back into the flow after a long absence. I really enjoyed doing the painting and at the time mentioned that I would be doing more.

This is a preview of one of three portraits I'm doing of my step daughter Gemma for my wife, each portrait from a different part of her life - as a baby,a young girl and as she is today.