Thursday, 20 March 2008


I've been playing around with all sorts of ideas to make my stuff original e.g. you always see pictures of people proudly holding up their caricature so I had an idea of having the caricature holding up the photograph or a double barrel caricature called "now and then" with two paintings of the same face on one page,one as a cutey pie kiddy and another of what that person looks like today.I don't know if I need gimmicks,just continue with good quality work.
For now I've done this painting of my youngest daughter Becky,it's a great caricature but shows how important the reference picture can be.This is a good photo,but it fails to capture the character of the subject.Beck is a loon,everything is funny to her.She is a whirlwind of giggles.This 'staged' picture fails to capture that.

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Anonymous said...

Heloo...c luv da pic of my best mate bex